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Dog Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toys

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Nobody likes being bored...including your pet! Keep your pet constantly entertained with Teeth Cleaning Dog Treat Dispenser Balls.

  • Is your awesome pet full of energy?
  • Does your pet get bored easily?
  • Does your furry friend constantly seek attention?
  • Do you struggle to find time to get on with your day?

Our Teeth Cleaning Dog Treat Dispenser Balls promise to keep your dog entertained and occupied while promoting dental health.  

The ball is designed to be stuffed with treats that your dog can see and smell. This entices your dog towards the toy and encourages them to chew until they dig out all the treats.

The soft but durable silicone bristles gently clean your dog's teeth while entertaining them at the same time. You can stuff it with treats, slather it with peanut butter, or freeze it to keep your dog at it for longer. The options for safe, rewarding, and entertaining playtime are endless!


  • Durable, non-toxic, and water-resistant rubber
  • Smart design cleans teeth like a dog chewing on the ball
  • Reduces destructive behavior as it stops your dog from chewing on your furniture
  • Easy to clean


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